Engine condition trend monitoring tailored to fit your needs



DETA is a P&WC Designated Analysis Center (DAC) Performing Engine Condition Trend Monitoring on P&WC turboprop and fan engines. ECTM is recognized by operators world wide as an effective maintenance tool for early problem detection and engine performance monitoring.


Experienced Team

Our experienced team of analysts are ready to provide you with Engine Condition Trend Monitoring(ECTM) including timely recommendations for future maintenance actions.

Customer Relations

We believe in creating a work atmosphere that values collaboration. Customer relationships are key in our goal to deliver the best product and solutions to our customers.

Constantly Improving

We continuously strive to develop and improve our services to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.





Dispatch reliability

You can improve dispatch reliability by early problem detection.

Increase Flight Safety
Decrease Hot section cost
Reduce down time
On-Condition HSI

With an up-to-date ECTM program you can qualify for On-Condition Hot Section Inspection and maintenance programs.

Optimize Troubleshooting
Warranty Support
Improve resale value