Engine Condition Trend Monitoring Reports

The DETA Analysis service is provided in either monthly or quarterly report formats.


ECTM Notification Report


When a deviating trend is discovered, a Notification report is issued immediately with the relevant information concerning the nature of the observed trend.
The report includes notes stating the probable cause of the trend, along with troubleshooting and maintenance recommendations.


report examples


Quarterly ECTM Reports


Quarterly reports offer detailed screen captures of each engine trend.
Includes observations, notes and recommendations.

  • Comprehensive
  • Thorough
  • Visual

Recommended if you want a complete report containing all relevant information for each engine.

Monthly ECTM Reports


Monthly reports provide a clean overview of the entire fleet.
Ongoing actions with accompanying reference numbers to the relevant Notification reports are incorporated.

  • Compact
  • Color coded
  • Quick overview for larger fleets

Recommended if you want an easy to follow, compressed summary of the current status of your engines.