Welcome to Our Company

Who are we?

Danish Engine Trend Analyzing (DETA), was founded in 1997 as a provider of Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM®) for owners of Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp. (P&WC) engines. Backed by regular attendance at P&WC courses and decades of WebECTM analysis experience DETA has build a solid reputation as a dependable and trust worthy partner.

In June 2001 P&WC approved DETA as the first European based Designated Analysis Center (DAC) for Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM®) analysis for all PT6A, PW100, PW150, JT15D, PW300, PW500 and PW600 engine models. Our customer base is world wide and consists of private, commercial and military operators.

How do we do it?

In-flight recordings of engine parameters and ambient data is uploaded to the WebECTM internet portal on a regular basis. That data is corrected to standard conditions and compared against a scientifically calculated model for that particular engine/airframe combination. Each engine plot is then assessed for deviations from the expected trend model of that engine type. Deviating trends are identified and a prompt alert is issued to the operator to allow implementation of maintenance actions at an early stage. This can prevent escalation and costly repairs or refurbishment.

Normal trends are reported in a number of detailed and easily understandable reports containing plots of the engine trend together with observations and recommendations for future maintenance. This includes interpretation based on current knowledge of the operator’s aircraft and from comparable fleets trended by DETA. The operator is provided with user details to the WebECTM portal which allows access to the trend graphs and raw data at all times. Feedback from the operator on in-service findings completes the ECTM program and allows DETA to optimize the provided service.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide our customers with accurate, dependable and trustworthy engine condition trend monitoring(ECTM®) of their P&WC engines.In this regard we are continually training our staff by attending P&WC courses on the various engine models. This ensures we are able to provide our customers with precise recommendations for future maintenance actions, and accurate and easy to follow troubleshooting guides for specific problems.

We are very focused on close customer contact. Today’s aviation companies are forced to scrutinize their operation cost due to the present world economy and growing international competition. The Engine Condition Trend Monitoring program is a cost saving, early problem detection tool, but most aviation companies do not have the capacity or expertise to allocate human resources to run their own ECTM program. We aim to present our service as an attractive alternative.