• EasyTrend App
  • Minimize workload
  • One-stop data collection
  • Availability
  • The EasyTrend app is used to capture trend parameters from Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) turboprop and turbofan engines at cruise conditions and to eliminate the need for paper trend forms.

    By submitting the recorded data for analysis with DETA the operator can follow the P&WC Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM®) program.

    EasyTrend is designed for aircraft not equipped with an automatic trend data capturing device. By using EasyTrend pilots eliminate the need for paper forms and fax machines. The app minimizes the workload previously required to capture and upload the trend data to WebECTM™.

    The only thing required is an email account on your Apple device and an internet connection when you're ready to send the collected trend data.

    Through the EasyTrend app, pilots can collect and send the cruise trend data directly to DETA for analysis in WebECTM™.

    Anyone can download and use the app free of charge. Subscription to DETA's ECTM© service is not required to use EasyTrend for engine trend data collection.

    At the moment EasyTrend is available for download through iTunes for Apple products only.



    • Each data file is stored on the device until ready to be sent to DETA

    • Convenient box layout enables the pilot to quickly input cruise trend data

    • DATA files can be sent immediately when an internet connection is established

    • Pilot guide included to capture the best possible cruise data

    • DETA version and contact sheet


    This app does not perform any analysis of the entered data nor is it designed to replace any existing trend monitoring and analysis program. Its sole purpose is to provide a platform to record the required data for easy transmission to DETA where the data will be processed using the P&WC approved WebECTM™ program.